Multicultural and Diversity Committee



Committee Description

The Multicultural and Diversity Committee (MDC) works to increase multicultural awareness, knowledge, and competency in the organizational structure of the ADTA, its membership community and related academic training, practice, and research areas of dance/movement therapy. MDC works to ensure that existing mono-cultural barriers to diversity and multiculturalism are mitigated. The committee is responsible for developing, communicating, and maintaining inclusive perspectives that respect and recognize all individuals and groups. The MDC promotes the retention of multicultural and diverse professional and student members through outreach Affinity Groups. The MDC produces resources and projects that inform or advise the Board of Directors and the ADTA membership on multicultural perspectives.




Committee Chair

Chae Reid, Stephanie Sinclair

Contact Chae and Stephanie at [email protected] to get involved
MDC Leadership Team
Angela Grayson 
First MDC Chair, Inaugural Leader, and Spirituality Affinity Group Coordinator
Meg Chang  Inaugural Leader
Robyn Cruz  Inaugural Leader
Hang Yin Candy Lo  Co-Chair of the Asian and Asian Pacific Islander Desi American Affinity Group (AAPIDA)
Tomoyo Kawano  Co-Chair of the Asian and Asian Pacific Islander Desi American Affinity Group (AAPIDA)
Ari Salaam Co-Chair of the Black MAGIC Affinity Group
Aaleyah James  Co-Chair of the Black MAGIC Affinity Group
Selena Coburn   Chair of Native America Affinity Group
Shared Rotating Leadership   LGBTQIA+ Affinity Group
Ebony Nichols  MDC Conference Liaison
Vanessa De Leon  MDC Web Liaison
Ashley Sampson  MDC Secretary
Steffie Belnavis  MDC Shared Space Curator
Melody Gamba  MDC Shared Space Curator
Stephan Reynolds  Creative Director


Structure of Meetings and Membership

The MDC meets via teleconference to accommodate its international membership. Committee members and Affinity Group representatives participate in various degrees, on a volunteer basis, to develop and implement initiatives that require differing amounts of participation.



Affinity Groups

The Multicultural and Diversity Committee (MDC) of the ADTA Affinity Groups (AG) are defined as member and non-member organized and led support groups that are positioned around creating space for people who have been historically underrepresented or experienced systemic oppression. In the ADTA, these groups function under the umbrella of the MDC. AG members do not have to be active members of the ADTA. In 2009, AGs began forming in affiliation with the MDC to serve particular constituencies and to give voice to non-dominant groups within the DMT (Dance/Movement Therapy) community. MDC affinity groups are formed around personal identity dimensions such as race/ethnicity; sexual orientation, gender or religion/spirituality. The exception to this is the MDC allies who, as a function of white privilege, benefit from institutional racism, but choose to actively confront injustice and work to dismantle oppression by supporting people who have experienced systemic oppression. AGs and allies band together to share experiences and work towards addressing cultural responsiveness and shifting the ADTA to become a more inclusive organization.

Affinity groups serve as resources to students and professional dance/movement therapists. Get involved by contacting an affinity group representative! Some groups are actively meeting and some need YOUR energy to get moving.






Some of the advantages opportunities that Affinity Groups offer includes:

  • Minimize feelings of isolation experienced by ADTA members within the organization and creates intergroup solidarity

  • Aid in the attraction, recruitment, and retention of new and historically underrepresented ADTA members and to foster a broadening cultural understanding and diversity within the organization

  • Nurture an environment that values and supports all members’ voices and interests to support a positive culture and morale

  • Support diversity, inclusion, and culture change by increasing the visibility of diverse members in the ADTA community.

  • Provide mentorship opportunities 

For more information contact the AAPIDA Affinity Group  at [email protected] 
For more information contact the Black Magic Affinity Group at [email protected] 
For more information contact the LGBTQIA+ Affinity Group at [email protected] 
For more information contact the Spirituality Affinity Group at [email protected] 
For more information contact the Native American Affinity Group at [email protected]
For more information contact the Ritmo de Vida LatinX DMT Affinity Group at [email protected]
For more information contact the Disability Access Affinity Group at [email protected]


Multicultural and Diversity Liaison

The Multicultural and Diversity Liaison serves as a supportive connection/bridge between historically underrepresented ADTA Chapter members to the MDC.Their role in the Chapter is:

  • Provide support and connection to Chapter members.
  • Engaging, supporting and empowering underrepresented Chapter members to minimize feelings of isolation.
  • Creating intergroup solidarity and aid in the recruitment and retention of new underrepresented and culturally diverse members.
  • Provide mentorship opportunities in conjunction with Chapter leadership and/or the MDC when appropriate.