Spirituality Affinity Group


  • Spirituality is an integral aspect of healing
  • Physical, emotional, and mental healing can occur on a deeper level if spirituality is also addressed and part of the process
  • There are many, many spiritual and religious paths with value, importance, and significance
  • Each person is unique and each person is similar to others in various ways including spiritual ways
  • Examining one’s own values, culture, and customs increases one’s ability to see another’s perspective and point of view


  • To help dance/movement therapists identify their own spiritual path
  • To find ways for dance/movement therapists to incorporate spirituality into therapy in ethical, appropriate, and therapeutic ways
  • To provide a safe place for dance/movement therapists of different spiritual paths to share insight and information
  • To assist dance/movement therapists in letting go of old ways of thinking about “us” vs. “them” in all aspects of life and in therapy in particular
  • To develop new relationships with people traveling different or similar spiritual paths in the dance/movement therapy community
  • To explore new ways of helping clients value, think about, and experience spirituality


Coordinator: Heidi McCardell Wentworth, LPC, R-DMT, NCC

Please feel free to contact her at [email protected]