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Who serves the ADTA membership?
Members of the American Dance Therapy Association (ADTA) are served by several different groups, each representing an area that contributes to the support and development of Dance/Movement Therapists and the field. These include the following:
The American Dance Therapy Association (ADTA)
The Dance/Movement Therapy Certification Board (DMTCB)
The Marian Chace Foundation (MCF)

Based on legal, financial and ethical considerations, each body operates as its own entity; however, because they all serve a common mission, they share the use of the ADTA website and National ADTA office for support of their operations.

In addition, the American Journal of Dance Therapy (AJDT) is the official journal of the ADTA and is edited by ADTA volunteers in conjunction with Springer Publishers.

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Who is the ADTA?

The American Dance Therapy Association is a Professional Membership Organization that provides support for its members and for the development of the field of Dance/Movement Therapy.  It is managed by a volunteer Board of Directors that enacts the mission of the ADTA through strategic planning and fiscal oversight.  Some Board roles support the communication between Local and National Chapters (Members-at-Large), Affinity Groups, and developing and emerging professionals.  It also includes a slate of Executive positions, and one regulator member, the Committee on Approval Chair, who regulates educational training in accordance with the guidelines.


Click here for the ADTA Board of Directors

Click here for information about ADTA Committees

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Who is the DMTCB?

The Dance/movement Therapy Certification Board (DMT-CB) is a second, separate Board whose function is solely regulatory.  The DMTCB confers, renews and otherwise regulates two credentials offered to Dance/Movement Therapists: the R-DMT (Registry) and the BC-DMT (Board Certification).  It also monitors compliance with both Continuing Education and adherence to the Code of Ethics for credential holders.  The DMTCB always acts in coordination with ADTA regarding any changes in the Credentials process. This is because the Service Marks “R-DMT” and “BC-DMT” are owned by the ADTA and leased to the DMTCB for conferral and management.  This arrangement insures that there is consistency and continuity of understanding of what each credential stands for.

Click here for information about the DMTCB

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Who is the MCF? 
The third body that is related to, but not part of the ADTA board is the Marian Chace Foundation which is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization established for the purposes of furthering educational, scientific, literary and artistic development of dance/movement therapy. It is supported solely by donations and any profits from publications.  Although originally established by the ADTA, this body is independent and free to choose projects for funding consideration outside of the ADTA.

Click here for information about the Marian Chace Foundation

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Welcome to the ADTA website and online resource center! We invite you to explore all that is offered here to improve and enhance your membership experience. Below please find tips and information on how to best use the website. In the weeks and months that follow, you will be receiving updates on new features and functions that are being activated in service to you.

What guides can users review to navigate the website and it's features? 
Currently we offer users the following information to navigate the ADTA website and its features:


We held a members-only Website Tour & Open House when we launched the new website in 2020. The 25-minute session was recorded and can be viewed below. 


CLICK HERE to review a PowerPoint presentation developed to walk users through our CE Center and our CE tracker. 
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What are the best ways for a members to interact with the website?


Make sure you login to the Member Centerwhere you will be greeted by your Welcome Banner and a menu of access links to the following :
  • Member Directory
  • Annual Membership Renewal Form
  • My Profile
  • Event Calendar
  • My Community
  • Community Forum
  • Member Only Resources
  • Annual Membership Year Highlights
  • Annual Membership Guide
  • Newsletters
  • Printable Membership Card
  • Printable Credential Card



Complete your Member Profile!  The heart of our website is a robust database that connects you with all the site's functions and services. We recommend users review their profile and make sure it is up to date. (Please Note: If your account is not a paid membership account, you may not have all of the features listed in this section. Prospect submission accounts do not include any member benefits available in the My Profile section.) 

Once on the my profile page, members can scroll down to edit various attributes within their profile including:

  • Username
  • Name 
  • Organization
  • Email
  • Phone (Preferred, Work, Home, Cell, Fax)
  • Address (Preferred, Place of Employment)
  • Demographic Information
  • Credential Information (Professional Profiles Only)
  • Student Information (Student Profile only) 
The following information can be found in the My Profile drop down ( Place your mouse on the My Profile tab)
  • Change Profile Picture
  • Edit Privacy Settings
  • Change Password
  • Submission (Review any form you have submitted)

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  • Contact Preferences
  • Message History
  • Invoices (Pay open/ review paid invoices)
What are the site's features?

We are excited to bring you a host of services to help you in the pursuit of our noble profession, including:

Continuing Education Center 

Pursue your continuing education and professional development with a wide range of courses and webinars at your fingertips.

CE Tracker

Along with your Member Profile, you now have a centralized, online record and "transcript" of all continuing education you acquire through ADTA. You can also upload proof of other professional development you complete--so all your records are in one place.   

Find a DMT 

This search function allows the public and colleagues to find Dance/Movement Therapists across the country, using a variety of search fields. Note: This is an important reason why Professional Members should make sure their Profile is complete--so when they are found in a search--they will be noticed. 

Job Board

Find a new position or post an advertisement to find the right employee or opportunity. This service is free to members and offers an affordable way for non-members to reach their target audience of Dance/Movement Therapists.  

Certification Services We have taken our previous all-paper process for applying and maintaining certification and making it easily accessible via this website. Stay tuned!     
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Where do I go on the website to....
Below find a menu of links to help navigate the website. Please note all pages include the correct contact information for the appropriate board/committee members.  


BC-DMT requirements, applications
R-DMT requirements, applications
Renewal (R-DMT, BC-DMT), payments
Filing for alternative status and Recertification


Alternate Route Education Questions
Continuing Education (CE) Questions
Accrual of CEs for Recertification


How to report an ethical complaint
Complaints re: unethical practice are referred to Compliance Coordinator of DMTCB


Find a local Chapter
Eastern Region Member-at-Large
Central Region Member-at-Large
Western Region Member-at-Large
Join an Affinity Group
Renew my ADTA Membership

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We have important COVID-19 resources and information available on our website.

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