Registered Dance/Movement Therapist (R-DMT) acknowledges the attainment of a basic level of competence in dance/movement therapy, achieved by completing the dance/movement therapy education and training requirements. The R-DMT signifies both the first level of entry into the profession and the individual’s preparedness for employment as a dance/movement therapist within a clinical and/or educational setting.

How to apply for the R-DMT

Graduates of ADTA Approved program applicants:

  • ADTA Approved Graduate Programs meet all the educational requirements for the Registered Dance/Movement Therapy (R-DMT) credential. The ADTA approves programs that meet the requirements described in the ADTA Approval Standards for Graduate Dance/Movement Therapy Programs. Graduates from Approved Programs are recognized by the DMTCB and granted the R-DMT upon completion of the R-DMT Approved Program Application.
  • To apply:
    • Complete the Approved Programs R-DMT Application
    • Pay the $ 150.00 USD application fee online.
    • Ask your school to send an official transcript to: [email protected]
Click Here to Submit the R-DMT Approved School Application

Alternate Route Registered Dance/Movement Therapist (R-DMT) applicants:

  • Alternate Route students must notify the DMTCB when they begin taking dance/ movement therapy courses by filing a Letter of Intent Form.
  • Requirements for the R-DMT through Alternate Route include:
    • Dance or movement background and experience (does not have to include majoring in dance, or performance/choreographic experiences)
    • A master’s degree (or higher) from an accredited graduate institution
    • Completion of both the required general training and DMT coursework
      • Alternate Route students must take at minimum of 45 hours/3 semester credits of psychology coursework by the time they have taken a minimum of 60 hours/4 semester credits of DMT Theory and Practice courses.
    • Fieldwork
    • BC-DMT supervise internship.
      • Alternate Route students must complete a specific amount of required coursework prior to starting their AR-R-DMT internship
  • Applications for Alternate Route are accepted once a year by January 15th
  • To apply: Follow the procedures outlines in the R-DMT Handbook and follow the R-DMT Instructional Guide to apply for the R-DMT Alternate Route.

For additional information on Alternate Route Applications, please refer to the R-DMT Handbook (.pdf).

Support Documentation for R-DMT Alternate Route applicants

International applicants for the R-DMT Alternate Route

In addition to following the requirements for the R-DMT AR application, international students must:

  • Have their graduate degree (if it is from an international university) evaluated for USA equivalency. Any equivalency organization such as World Education Services or Educational Credential Evaluators is accepted.
  • All dance/movement therapy educators and supervisors must hold the BC-DMT (American) credential.
  • All application materials must be submitted in English.
Click Here to Submit the R-DMT Alternate Route Application - Deadline is January February 15th, 2024 at 11:59pm ET

Requirements after becoming an R-DMT:

All R-DMT are required to maintain the R-DMT status. If they do not maintain their R-DMT status, their R-DMT credential is considered to be lapsed and they will have to pay an additional fee and accrue additional CE hours to reinstate the credential. If the lapsed R-DMT continues to identify themselves as an R-DMT, they are also in violation of the ADTA Code of Ethics.

  • ANNUAL CREDENTIAL MAINTENANCE: Certificants holding the R-DMT must renew their credential by paying the annual credential maintenance fee through the Annual Credential Maintenance Form, which is sent out annually in June.
  • RECERTIFICATION: Every 5 years, all Certificants are required to recertify by documenting that they have completed the required Continuing Education hours and paying the Recertification fee. NOTE: 10% of all DMTs who recertify are randomly selected to be audited.
  • Guidelines for R-DMT Continuing Education Categories (.pdf)