Education Committee

We are looking for three alternate route educators (needs to be a BC-DMT) to join the ARES Core Team, chaired by Laura Allen:

  1. alternate route graduate (Fall 2022-2024)
  2. (1 position for Fall 2022-2024 and 1 position immediately-Fall 2023) from either: 
  • current alternate route educator and/or advisor
  • former member of the DMTCB
  • former member of the Subcommittee for Approval of Alternate Route Courses (SAARC) from the Committee on Approval


ARES will meet a minimum of one time per year at the annual conference for the primary purpose of providing information and guidance about alternate route education. Ongoing tasks of the committee are:

  • Respond to questions from AR educators and students.

  • Maintain the Questionnaire Database for AR educators and students.

  • Maintain the Schedule of Alternate Route Course Offerings listed on the ADTA website.

  • Maintain the Alternate Route Coursework Requirement Worksheet.

  • Update the demographic data base for AR educators and students as needed.

  • Respond to Board decisions and actions that impact AR training and education through the EC Chair.

  • Make recommendations to the Board through the Education Chair for revisions to the ADTA Standards for Education and Clinical Training.

How to Apply

If interested, please send an email expressing your interest with your CV to the Education Committee Chair, Tomoyo Kawano: [email protected] and ARES Chair, Laura Allen: [email protected]

Tomoyo Kawano, Education Committee Chair 
Approved Degree Program Education Subcommittee Chair

Laura Allen, Alternate Route Education Subcommittee (ARES) Chair

ARES Core Team

  • Laura Allen (Chair, Alternate Route Graduate)
  • Suzanne Hasties (Alternate Route Educator)
  • Barbara Nordstrom-Loeb (former Subcommittee for Approval of Alternate Route Courses)
  • Lenya Treewater (former DMTCB representative)
  • Tomoyo Kawano (EC Chair/Approved Program representative)

Additional Attachments

1. Alternate Route Coursework Document 

2. Alternate Route Calendar