Committee On Approval 

ADTA Education COVID-19 Response
The ADTA Committee on Approval recognizes that the covid-19 pandemic disproportionately affected communities both nationally and internationally. During the height of the global health crisis, the ADTA COA offered recommendations, resources, and accommodations to assist programs and alternate route in creatively supporting students and educators, while upholding the standards. Accommodations to the ADTA approval process were in effect from January 1, 2020 through the 2021-2022 Academic Year and are no longer applicable. Any long-term changes to programs or courses that are NOT a result of the pandemic must go through reapproval immediately. Please refer to the ADTA Standards for Education and Clinical Training for standards on Distance Learning.

Committee Description

The Committee on Approval (COA) is a regulatory branch of the ADTA responsible for approving graduate dance/movement therapy programs. The Subcommittee for Approval of Alternate Route Courses (SAARC) approves alternate route courses. Students, allied professionals and the public can be assured that ADTA approved programs and courses are in compliance with the highest standards in dance/movement therapy education and clinical training.

Committee on Approval

  • Reviews graduate programs that apply for candidacy
  • Conducts annual, three-year and six-year reapproval reviews
  • Verifies maintenance of standards through reviews of annual reports
  • Supports all educators as they address revisions in standards

[email protected]

Interim Committee Chair

Danielle Fitzpatrick, Antioch University Representative

Committee Members
  • Danielle Fitzpatrick, Antioch University Representative
  • Heather Clark, Rider University Representative
  • Ashley Abesamra, Lesley University Representative
  • Heather Sutton, Naropa University Representative
  • Ted Ehrhardt, Pratt Institute Representative
  • XiaoChuan Xie, Sarah Lawrence College Representative
  • Christina Devereaux, Drexel Representative
  • Grayce James, Public Member
  • Nalini Prakash, Supervisor Representative
Sub-Committee for Approval of Alternate Route Courses
  • Reviews, approves and re-approves applications for Alternate Route Courses

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Committee Chair

Amy Jacques and Kalila Homann, Co-Chairs

Committee Members
  • Ted Ehrhardt, Committee on Approval Representative
  • Elizabeth Austin, Alternate Route Educator
  • Kim Rothwell, Alternate Route Educator
  • Amber Gray, Alternate Route Educator
  • Laurel Bridges, Alternate Route Educator
Approval for Graduate Programs
Approval for Alternate Route Courses