Annual Conference Committee

Committee Description

The  Annual Conference Committee oversees the plans and preparations of association's annual event for the purpose of:

  • Exchanging information and stimulation among professional dance/movement therapists.
  • Developing and supporting each dance/movement therapist's professional identity and the field's identity by integrating this information into the life stream of the particular group that is gathered.
  • Informing the public and promoting public relations. This may be done in part through introductory presentations on dance/movement therapy and the display of ADTA materials.
  • Disseminating knowledge from the conference through a conference publication using an abstract form. Complete papers may be submitted to the editor(s) of the American Journal of Dance Therapy (AJDT).
  • Yielding financial earnings.

Committee Positions

To view the current year's conference committee contacts, please visit the Annual Conference page. 

The Annual Conference Committee is comprised of the following positions: 

Chair, President Elect - [email protected]

Treasurer, [email protected]

Multicultural & Diversity Committee Chair, [email protected]

Public Relations Committee Chair, [email protected]

Regional Member-at-Large (This position is determined by the location of the event.)

Eastern Region Event, [email protected] 

Western Region Event, [email protected]

Central Region Event, [email protected]

DAAG Rep, [email protected]

CE Manager, [email protected]

New Media Manager, [email protected]

Operations Manager, [email protected]

Office Administrator, [email protected]