Instructions for Submitting a Proposal for the 2022 ADTA Virtual Spring Summit

April 25-30

The ADTA welcomes proposals for the 2022 Virtual Spring Summit

Proposals are due online by: December 23rd at midnight, ET

Navigating a New Normal Together

As the world enters its third year of contending with a pandemic, dance/movement therapists are growing and evolving our clinical skills to meet the immediate needs of our clients, students, and patients. We’ve had to ask ourselves some challenging questions such as: How are dance/movement therapists uniquely addressing the needs of our clients, in person and via teletherapy?  What innovations and best practices are dance/movement therapists discovering as we encounter complex grief, burnout, anxiety, depression and medical issues in our clients and in ourselves?  How do we best support one another as we navigate this new normal?  

As a result, we are seeking proposals for 75 or 90 minute live, Zoom-based presentations, addressing the following content areas: 

  • Innovative DMT teletherapy practices (1:1 and/or groups) 
  • DMT and grief 
  • DMT and anxiety 
  • Burnout – prevention and recovery
  • DMT for the healthcare provider 
  • DMT for children/adolescents coping with pandemic stressors

Note: Presenters need to be able to present live via Zoom in the evenings during the week of April 25-30. Live presentations will  be recorded for on-demand viewing after the summit concludes.

Your proposals are welcome following the criteria below:  

Credentials of Presenter(s): 

The ADTA provides three different types of continuing education for the annual conference.* 

A. ADTA continuing education (CE) is provided for all conference seminars and requires at least one main presenter of each seminar to be an ADTA member. .

B.  Seminars may also qualify for the National Board of Certified Counselors (NBCC) CE hours. The NBCC has specific requirements for the credentials of presenters as well as the content area. ADTA is NBCC provider #5739. 

C.  Seminars may also qualify for New York LCATs. ADTA Creative Arts Therapy continuing education Provider Number #CAT-0035} is authorized by the New York State Board for Mental Health Practitioners to provide continuing education to LCATs in New York State.

Selection Process and Criteria  

All proposals received by the deadline and meet the minimum proposal requirements will be reviewed by the National Review Panel (NRP).  

All identifying information is removed from proposals before sending them to the NRP, thus ensuring a de-identified process. If a reviewer can identify a specific proposal presented by the information provided, the reviewer is asked to decline from reviewing and scoring the proposal.  

Proposals are reviewed and scored in 5 categories:  

• Suitability: 

o How well does the proposal relate to the summit theme? 

o Is the seminar relevant to the theory, research or practice of DMT? 

o Is the seminar related to diversity, equity and inclusion as applied to DMT practice, education, consultation/supervision?  

• Professionalism: 

o Is the proposal well written? (grammar, clarity of thought and language, etc.) o Is the proposal written by someone for whom English is their second language? o Does it adhere to APA style conventions? 

• Content: 

o Is there internal consistency between the title, learning objectives and description of  the seminar?  

o Are the learning objectives clear and realistic given a 75 minute or 90 minute seminar  time frame and the seminar description?  

o Does the description reflect content that is appropriate for attendees working at the master’s level or above?  

• Innovation: 

o To what extent is the seminar contributing new knowledge or perspectives to the  field?  

o If “yes”, how well did they articulate how this proposal will offer new knowledge or  unique/deeper perspectives?  


o Does the proposal suggest the inclusion of attention to diversity issues, as they would relate to the stated topic of the particular seminar?  

Overall scores are calculated, and the proposals are ranked and accepted according to rank  order and the number of seminar slots available for the summit. If you would like support for your writing skills before submitting your proposal you may contact [email protected] for a list of individuals who are offering assistance with editing (not content)  on a first come first serve basis:  

The proposal application is through the ADTA Website . Members can sign into their account to access the form. New Users must provide an email address and a password to establish a non-member account and submit. 

Online Proposal Form Instructions 

The following are the fields you will need to complete in the online proposal submission process.  Please be prepared to include all of the information before you begin your online application. At this time your application cannot be saved in order to return at a later time. Please make sure you use the list below to gather all information requested, prior to filling out the form.  

Primary Presenter Information

  • Primary Contact Presenter First Name*  

  • Primary Contact Presenter Last Name *  

  • Email 

  • Street Address  

  • Country  

  • Preferred Telephone Number  

  • Are you an ADTA member or Professional member? Please note: all seminars  must include a current ADTA member, with exceptions to this made only by a vote of the Board of Directors’ Executive Committee.

  • Primary Contact Presenter Bio: * (150-word limit)

  • Primary Contact Presenter CV: * (8000-word limit)

  • Primary Contact Headshot 


  • If my proposal is accepted, I will agree to communicate my presentation as stated in my proposal.

  • If my proposal is accepted, I will adhere to the March 15th deadline of submitting the following:

    • my 1500 or more word description 

    • Any PowerPoint slides that will be used in my presentation 

    • 3 learning objectives

  • If my proposal is accepted, I confirm the AT LEAST ONE (1) PRESENTER in my proposal has the education, experience and/or training to present on the content area(s) of my proposed presentation.

  • If my proposal is accepted, I will reiterate my three (3) learning objectives in my presentation

  • If my proposal is accepted, I will refrain from commercialism in my presentation.

  • If my proposal is accepted, I (and my co-presenters, if appicable) commit to participating with office staff in a tech rehearsal, complete with final teaching materials (speaking outline, finalized slides, etc) between April 6-14. 

Co-Presenter Information 

  • You will need to know all the information requested above for the Primary presenter for each Co-Presenter.

Summit Presentation Requirements 

  • In order to ensure our summit programming meets requirements set out for continuing education standards, we must determine that presenters have the experience and  credentials to present on the topics they are proposing. The following questions below  and on the next page will ask you specifically about you and your co-presenter(s)’ qualifications and topics.

  • Do ALL PRESENTERS have the education, experience and/or training to prepare you to  present on the content area(s) of your proposed presentation?   

  • Please indicate which most accurately describes your background and qualifications relevant to your proposed presentation. (choose only ONE) (Each presenter will be required to  demonstrate their qualification by submitting a CV/resume if their proposal is accepted into  the conference) *  

    •  AT LEAST ONE of the presenters has BOTH of the following: A. holds PROFESSIONAL CLINICAL LICENSE in a mental health field in the United States (e.g. LCAT,  LMHC, LPC,  LICSW , licensed psychologist, board certified psychiatrist) AND B. holds an EARNED GRADUATE DEGREE from a regionally accredited institution in  the United States in a MENTAL HEALTH FIELD (e.g. Dance/Movement Therapy,  Counseling, Psychology)?  

    • AT LEAST ONE of the presenters holds an EARNED GRADUATE DEGREE from a  regionally accredited institution in the United States in a MENTAL HEALTH FIELD  (e.g. Dance/Movement Therapy, Counseling, Psychology)?  

    •  AT LEAST ONE of the presenters holds an EARNED GRADUATE DEGREE from a  regionally accredited institution in the United States in a FIELD DIRECTLY RELATED  TO THE TOPIC of your proposed presentation?   

    • None of the presenters have the above qualifications, but do have relevant education, experience, and training to prepare you to present on the content area(s) of  your proposed presentation?

  • Have you or your co-presenter(s) presented on this topic or a similar topic at an ADTA Conference in the past 3 years? *  

  • If yes, please explain what new information, advanced learning, or fresh perspective you will  be bringing to the topic?

  • This proposal is for a virtual (Zoom-based) seminar of the following length:
    • 75 minutes
    • 90 minutes
  • Please indicate the percentage of movement you estimate including in your seminar.
    • Minimal or no movement  
    • Up to 25%  
    • 26-50%  
    • 51-75%  
    • 76% or more  
  • Title of Presentation  (15-word limit)

  • Description of Presentation  (300-word limit)

  • Abstract  (100-word limit)

  • Three (3) Learning Objectives

  • Target Audience
    • Entry level/student
    • Mid-level 
    • Advanced level
  • Type of Presentation (check all that apply) *
    • Experiential
    • Lecture
    • Discussion
    • Panel